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17 April 2019

We are pleased to bring you the first ever NBN Atlas Newsletter!

With so many developments having recently taken place and with the wonderful news that the NBN Trust has received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £190,500 to help build its resilience, and enable further development of the NBN Atlas, we felt that it deserved its own Newsletter!

This will be sent to all registered NBN Atlas users on a six monthly basis unless we have an increasing amount of news and need to update you more frequently.  You can also keep an eye on news and updates throughout the year on the NBN Atlas news page.

If you are not a registered NBN Atlas user, you can easily register, or if you would just like to sign up for this new Newsletter then complete the simple sign up form.

16 April 2019

We are delighted to welcome the NBN Atlas Northern Ireland into the family, as this newest Atlas goes live!

NBN Atlas Northern Ireland brings together information on over 11,000 species from almost 3 million occurrence records, enabling the data to be shared, analysed and researched.

This new NBN Atlas is currently a beta version and we welcome comments and feedback as we prepare for a formal launch of the NBN Atlas Northern Ireland at the end of May 2019. Please add any feedback and comments to the NBN Atlas NI Forum by 13 May 2019. Please note that you will need to register with the Forum before you can add any comments.

28 February 2018

We have developed and launched a new NBN Atlas Documentation and Help Portal.  The new site brings together information and guidance for users of the NBN Atlas, NBN Atlas Scotland, NBN Atlas Wales and all subsequent NBN Atlases, in a clear way, with straightforward navigation to each of the subject areas.

It is organised to reflect why you might be using the NBN Atlas, with links to further information.

The NBN Atlas Documentation and Help Portal can be found by clicking on the Help link on the top right hand side of each of the NBN Atlases.  In fact, by reading this message you are already on the Help site!

We hope you find this site helpful, but if you would like to see any further documents added to the site please do let us know

25 July 2017

We are pleased to report that the original limit of 50,000 as the number of records that could be downloaded from the NBN Atlas has been removed. This is the same for NBN Atlas Scotland and NBN Atlas Wales. A much higher figure of 10 million records is now in place and this seems to be working well. With the 10 million record download facility users can download all the data for any species and all the data for any dataset except for the BTO dataset – Birds (BTO+Partners) which has 151 million records.
The new system is queue based, which means that if there are lots of requests, they are queued and handled one at a time. During periods of high activity this may result in a longer response time, but this should only be noticeable for the larger downloads. There are several queues in use, larger downloads being handled on one queue, smaller on another.
New features include:
– shapefile downloads
– customised downloads – allowing users to select groups of fields
Thank you for your patience whilst we resolved the issue with downloads and speed of response from the NBN Atlas and we hope you find the larger download facility suits your needs.

7 June 2017:

Data upload templates and guidance documents are now available for sharing data through the NBN Atlas platforms. See Provide data to the NBN Atlas

12 April 2017:

We are aware that the NBN Atlas is not running optimally at the moment and in order to speed the site up while we fix this we will be restricting downloads to a maximum of 50,000 records per download.


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