To cite the NBN Atlas, please follow the guidelines below.

To cite the NBN Atlas as a whole

‘NBN Atlas website at Accessed 01 April 2017.’


To cite a page from the NBN Atlas

Use the format:
‘NBN Atlas website at name. Accessed 01 April 2017.’

Example: ‘NBN Atlas website at Accessed 01 April 2017.’


How to cite data downloads and maps

To cite data downloaded and maps exported from the NBN Atlas, use the format:

‘NBN Atlas occurrence download at Accessed 01 April 2017.’

Please also cite the list of original data resources/datasets, which can be found in the download ZIP file, in ‘citation.csv’. If there are too many data resources to be cited for the main citation list, please put the data resource citations in an appendix or supplementary material.


Note: As with most websites, pages on the NBN Atlas website may change over time.