On this page we have developed a series of “How to” video tutorials which will help to guide you through using the NBN Atlas.

We will be adding to these over the coming months, so if there is something that you think would be useful for us to include, please do let us know.

Please also see our Step by Step downloadable guides.

Introducing the NBN and NBN Atlas

Setting Up & Using Your NBN Atlas Account

NBN Atlas – Finding Basic Species Information

NBN Atlas – Viewing Species Information on a Map

NBN Atlas – Species Records

NBN Atlas – Searching by Location

NBN Atlas – Using the Advanced Search

NBN Atlas – How to Download Data

NBN Atlas – How to Upload Data

NBN Atlas – Licences

NBN Atlas – Species Lists

NBN Atlas – Record Cleaner

NBN Atlas Spatial Portal – Basic Functions

NBN Atlas Spatial Portal – Exporting Data

NBN Atlas Spatial Portal – In-Out Reports

NBN Atlas Spatial Portal – Point Comparisons

NBN Atlas Spatial Portal – Area of Occupancy (AOO) & Extent of Occurence (EOO)

NBN Atlas – Finding Species Literature using the Biodiversity Heritage Library

NBN Atlas – Finding Species Sequence Data using NCBI Genbank

Using the QGIS NBN Atlas Tool to create WMS distribution maps

An introduction to the NBN and NBN Atlas – presentation made to BirdFair 2017

This video is a good introduction to the functions of the NBN Atlas. As it was created as a presentation, there is no audio, but captions are inserted to explain the actions being carried out.

Introduction of the NBN Atlas as a replacement for the NBN Gateway

This is a webinar, which was created for CIEEM, but which will be of interest to a wide audience. We recommend that you start viewing the webinar at 6 minutes 10 seconds, which is when the NBN section commences.