Environmentally sensitive information is any which, if released to the public, would result in an ‘adverse effect’ on a feature of the environment.

For the NBN Atlas, data providers do not have to make their own assessments on the sensitivity of their records. Sensitive Species Lists have been supplied for use on the NBN Atlas. These lists have been agreed by the UK’s statutory bodies and relevant experts. Please note sensitive species lists can vary across the UK.

Find out more about Sensitive Species.

Combined sensitive species list

Any Data records for species that are listed on the Sensitive Species List (shown below) will be blurred to the resolution stated in the list (in other words, the Data will not be published in full). Sensitive records provided to the NBN Atlas at a higher resolution (that is, the full Data) are subject to the licence conditions as set out by the Data Partner. These records that are visible on the NBN Atlas at a blurred resolution will be subject to a Creative Commons licence as determined by the Data Partner.

Please refer to the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet below for the individual and combined lists.

Alternatively you can download the separate lists as required:

Sensitive Species list – England

Sensitive Species list – Isle of Man

Sensitive Species list – Northern Ireland

Sensitive Species list – Scotland

Sensitive Species list – Wales

Sensitive Species list – Combined.  This PDF is currently being updated

Sensitive Species list – Notes