Data providers with editing rights can edit some of the metadata on their data provider and data resource pages.

Please contact if you are a data provider and would like Editor access.

Once logged in to your NBN Atlas partner page, click the ‘Admin’ button in the bottom, right-hand column of the data provider page.


Editable sections are:

  1. Atlas partner details – such as name, acronym and website URL
  2. Description – such as short description, long description
  3. Data resources – edit data resource details
  4. Logo – the logo of the data provider
  5. Representative image – an image that represents the data provider
  6. Location – such as postal address, email address
  7. Contacts – contact name for the data provider
  8. User download reports – here you can download user reports for your data

In any of the above sections, just click the ‘Edit’ button to make changes.


Once the changes have been made, click the ‘Update’ button.  Changes will be updated immediately.