Data from the NBN Atlas can be downloaded.  You must be logged in to your NBN Atlas account at the beginning of the session.  See Setting up and using your account for more information.

Before downloading data from the NBN Atlas, you must be sure that you are entitled to use them.  Some data have restrictions on their use, depending on the licence-type attributed to them.  For instance, data with CC-BY-NC licences cannot be used for commercial purposes. Misuse of CC-BY-NC data may result in a fixed penalty fine.  You can find out more about data licenses, here.

Data can be downloaded from any screen displaying species records, including the interactive species map (see Viewing species information on a map), location-based searches (see Searching by location) and specific dataset pages.

First, navigate to the records you would like to download.  You should see a page like this one, which gives you the option to proceed with download:

Next, you will be given the option to download species occurrence records or a species checklist.  If you are choosing to download occurrence records, you have the option to choose a file name, a download format and an output file format.  Select your preference and then move on to the next step.

Here you must specify what you are using the data for by selecting an option from the dropdown box (3).  You must also tick the box to confirm that you accept the licensing terms.  You can then click Next to proceed.  After a minute or so, the download file will be delivered to your email address along with some information about how to cite any data.