In addition to the ‘How To’ video tutorials we have produced a set of written guides which you can download. Although they cover the same topic areas they are not screen grabs of the videos but stand alone help guides. We hope that you will find them useful.

Go to the How to Videos tutorial page.

NBN Atlas – Setting Up & Using Your Account  – Activating your account; Managing alerts; Managing your profile
NBN Atlas – Finding Basic Species Information – Selecting species; Overview of information available for individual records
NBN Atlas – Viewing Species Information on a Map – Viewing the map; Selecting records for an area; Applying filters
NBN Atlas – Species Records – Detailed information available for records; Other ways to access records
NBN Atlas – Searching by Location  – Search by region; Explore your area; Search by polygon
NBN Atlas – Using the Advanced Search (pdf) – Detail on how to use Advance Search function
NBN Atlas – How to Download Data – How to download data using record selection; Download data by datasets
NBN Atlas – Licences – Overview of licences; Where to find licence information; Filter by licence
NBN Atlas – Species Lists – Accessing species lists; Using species lists
NBN Record Cleaner User Guide (pdf)
NBN Atlas – Spatial Portal – Basic Functions (pdf) – Add species to a map; Add areas to a map; Add layers to a map
NBN Atlas – Spatial Portal – Exporting Data (pdf) – Selecting data to download; Ways to download data
NBN Atlas – Spatial Portal – In-Out Reports (pdf) – Comparing species across two areas
NBN Atlas – Spatial Portal – Point Comparisons (pdf) – Compare records for specified points on a map
NBN Atlas – Spatial Portal –  Area of Occupancy (AOO) & Extent of Occurrence (EOO) (pdf) – Assess distribution of a species
NBN Atlas – How to Flag an Issue – Step by step guide to flag an issue with a record
NBN Atlas – How to use the species search – Details of how to use the species search function
NBN Atlas – How to download a map – Details of how to download a map from the occurrence records page